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Mosquito Fogging Treatments

mosquitoes are a dangerous vector of diseases. They carry disease such as West Nile Virus- Zika Virus- Dengue Malaria- Yellow fever- Chikungunya
Conducive conditions: Rain Barrels- Tires -Bromeliad Plants- Gutters Flat- roofs Flower pots.
Pro-Spray custom treatments includes killing adult Mosquitoes By Fogging Property with an ULV backpack fogger mixed with an knock down residual insecticide concentrate and insect growth regulator. which adhere to foliage that is treated where adult mosquitoes land and breed. we also add repellents such as lemon grass,citronella and winter green oils for a more eco friendly treatment. also included with the property fogging is the treatment of killing the mosquito larvae. by treating conducive conditions with granules that prevent the mosquito larvae from completing their life cycle.

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